I Had The Sexy With Trump


Life has this weird way of distracting me from things that I enjoy or enjoyed, posting stupid shit happens to be one of those things.



I have a new job now… I am a shop assistant at some fancy brand name store. This is possibly the greatest irony of my existence since I have the fashion sense of a fat hairy lesbian biker that likes to spend her evenings at some run-down pub. The job is okay. I get paid peanuts but the hours for once are actually decent. My manager is a bitch but my colleagues are awesome. Apparently according to my colleagues the owner of the store is a model, which is ironic again because I am a geek that never stood a chance around being around a model… so there’s that I guess.



When I am off from work most of my free time is spent on rewatching Stargate SG1 (it will always be a classic), listening to music or playing vidya gaemz. I weirdly enough have no urge to write, stranger thing I actually have developed the urge to make videos again… hopefully they won’t get deleted during the editing phase again…



I guess the lack of wanting to write comes from the fact that I am struggling to figure out what to write about. I can moan or praise President Orangutan, but everybody is doing that already and I actually hate talking about politics because it is genuinely boring and nothing worthwhile is learnt or gained from it. All that happens is someone will get pissed off. The only ideas that pop into my head are ones for videos, because weirdly enough I can express myself better in a video than in text. Heck, even making fun of America is no longer fun… a person can only make so many stupid or fat jokes in their lives before it becomes stale like the “cash me ousside, how bah da?” meme.



I am genuinely hoping I get passed this drab or something will pop out that will make me want to make fun of it. I think I just need to experience some new things in my life and that would actually give me a better foundation to write something about.  I don’t know.



Anyways, I just posted this dribble just to show that I am still alive (unfortunately) and that I might be posting some shitty videos soon, if they can pass the editing phase that is. I am a perfectionist when it comes to make crappy content…









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Comments (2)

  1. Azalia

    Glad you’re still around
    Do what works for you!

    February 03, 2017
  2. scarletts_letters

    Vidy editing is good, watching too much teev isn’t get out, out damn you!

    February 04, 2017