I Survived 2016


I survived 2016.



Never has a year been branded so evil before in internetdom. This year Britain decided to divorce Europe because it got tired of being colonized by other people, America proved that the stupid outweigh the intelligent by electing an old Orangutan whose face has been locked in a “stink” face position, celebrities proved that they were mortal by “pegging” off all year round causing a Facebook contest between Kyle and I with who could do the most “-insert name-, y u so dead?” (Kyle won because time zones), the world proved that we care more about animals than our fellow man since people mourned the death of a gorilla for an entire year but no one even shed a tear as thousands Syrians were slaughtered in Aleppo by their own government, we have experienced the hottest year in recorded year but people will rather believe that it is a New World Order conspiracy because an Orangutan with a wig said so….



This year news wise has been complete and utter dog shit. In fact, it was such a bad shit that even the dog would have been ashamed of it.   



Apart from the crappy events that transpired this year, my life in general went to a ball of shit.



I lost my favourite uncle this year to three strokes, my father’s health has massively declined and is no experiencing blood pressure problems, my biological father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has disowned me for no reason at all, my grandfather almost lost his life and both of his legs as he experienced some major blood clots in them (and this happened on his birthday), my grandmother had a stroke but managed to survive, I have been basically unemployed for the entire year while feverishly looking for work, I have managed to survive the year by working in jobs that treated me like a sweatshop employee and by doing crappy ass part time work, I discovered that even my own ski n hates me as I had a horrible case of eczema at the beginning of the year and then around the end of the year I have discovered I develop a bad case of hives when  I am too stressed…  The list could go on and on…



Never in my life have I been happy to see a year come to an end. I don’t blame the year particularly, a lot of crappy shit decided to take place within it. I can only hope that 2017 will be a better year for me and the world, but with the majority of people around the world become isolationistic racist assholes, I am not banking on it. Maybe 2017 would be better if everybody decided to stop being cunts?






PS. Since it is a new year it means it is the time to my boring ass garbage content lists of my favourite movies  and series of 2016… So be on the lookout for that if you want to read something mindless while you are dropping off some chocolate babies in your porcelain throne.


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  1. scarletts_letters

    Yes that’s a shitty year, no arguments. I want to tell you though that given time and hard work things can change, I have to say that from 7-25 I had a few good years but not many, most of that time I felt numb, hopeless, unimaginably ugly inside and terribly alone, it’s no exaggeration to say I sucked a lot of cock to get here, I know that sounds awful and it is but I made it. People say shit like I’d rather die than do this or that or put up with any more but personally I think alive, no matter how bad has to be better than dead, that’s the small thing that got me through.
    It is grotesque to watch people who have everything walking by you, dissatisfied with trivialities when you struggle just to get out of bed, but that’s how things are for the vast bulk of people despite what their social media feed says.
    The best things I find in life is knowing, even through the internodes wonderful decent caring people, like you and Kyle – yeah and I know he’d throw up about me saying that about him but he does care, even if he pretends not to.
    Push on mate, we are young, eventually the cunts will die and we’ll get to pee on their graves

    January 01, 2017