My Personal Anthem

This song is like about me, lol. Not kidding, I relate to around 95% of this track.

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Comments (4)

  1. mister-sandman

    I love when songs have depressing lyrics, but the music is upbeat. That juxtaposition just cracks me up. lol

    January 16, 2017
  2. scarletts_letters

    I second that, I think it helps me not give a damn and that makes me happy, people who give a shit and are positive are actual demons.

    Yes that’s dirty hippies in that clip, if I had a clip I’d want an AK47 and I’d shoot hippies – see how life is confusing?

    January 17, 2017
    1. Bloodlust-Prince

      This video hurt my brain… hippies making depressing hippy music… what is life?

      January 19, 2017
      1. scarletts_letters

        Hahaha sorry I thought you might get a laugh out of it

        January 27, 2017